Subject: RFC: vesafb, splash screen, and rasops shadowfb patch
To: None <>
From: Jared D. McNeill <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/14/2006 12:48:51
Hey folks, I've been working hard on vesafb lately. It's finally in a 
state where I'm ready for comments. What the patch adds:

  * Shadow framebuffer support in rasops; improves scrolling speed
    significantly if no hardware support is available, at the expense of
    additional memory usage.
  * Splash screen support (w/ optional progress bar), shown in place of
    the kernel text at boot time. Enabled with options SPLASH (and options
  * Reference VESA framebuffer driver for i386, that uses the above
    features. Supports 8, 16, 32bpp and uses the shadow framebuffer.
    Requires VBE 2.0 or above (for linear framebuffer access).
  * Patches wsdisplay to prevent multiple children from claiming to be
    'console'. This allows us to have both wsdisplay@vesafb and
    wsdisplay@vga in the same kernel. The first one to successfully attach
    a console "wins".

The patch is available here:

More information (including a video of the splash screen in action):

I'd like to get this code in at some point in the near future (of course, 
with options SPLASH not enabled by default). Feedback is more than