Subject: Re: Linux emulation, binary software, cluster/grid and SMP
To: None <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/18/2006 13:46:14
In article <20060118025622.GF31436@sta.duo>,
George Georgalis <> wrote:
>Tomorrow (about 12 hrs) I'll be doing a NetBSD intro to the users
>and execs I support at $WORK. A few of the things to discuss I
>have no first hand experience with and I was hoping for some
>general feedback from those with direct experience.

You are leaving too little time for this.

>Has anyone used linux emulation to run "The Intel Fortran Compiler
>9.0" on "a system based on an AMD Athlon* or AMD Opteron*
>processor." Where there issues? How was performance?

I have not tried, but you need to be careful to provide everything
that the toolchain needs under /emul... What are you using fortran
for? Have you tried f2c, or the gnu fortran compiler. I am asking
because it is better to sacrifice some performance in order to be
running native (because debugging is easier for example).

>I see MatLAB is mentioned on the NetBSD front page, is it "make
>and play" does anyone have experiences to share, with its install
>and operation?

I think matlab works well. New versions of matlab require ptyfs.

>Sun Grid Engine or clustering technology (linux or native), A-Okay
>or issues? -- just looking for positive or negative experiences
>with particular software you have tried.

This probably runs native.

>What about SMP? All of our systems are AMD 2x CPU. How does Linux
>emulation perform with SMP?

Multithreaded support sucks. It will use only one CPU. If you have
2 separate processes, it will work fine.

>As might be apparent from my questions, we are presently running
>Linux; I anticipate few runtime problems with most software, if
>any; but, any comments along these lines are welcome. Feel free to
>respond directly or on-list.