Subject: Re: what's it take to get a journaling filesystem?
To: None <>
From: rudolf <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/14/2005 18:57:59
Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
> I think that's very much wrong.  Much of the design of ZFS, it seems
> to me, is a well-founded reaction *against* strictly eparating logical
> volume management from the filesystem implementation.  Doing so discards
> many opportunities to improve performance and reliability, as I think even
> the introductory slides on ZFS that you can find on Sun's web site
> pretty conclusively demonstrate.

Thanks for the clarification, you are right. It could be possible to do 
this within GEOM e.g. if the filesystems were something like a geom 
objects too, but from the slides I have here it's clear that it works as 
you described and filesystems are in upper layers. I'm sorry for the 
distraction :)