Subject: Re: what's it take to get a journaling filesystem?
To: Sean Davis <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/13/2005 07:51:51
On Dec 12, 2005, at 7:39 PM, Sean Davis wrote:

> Is anyone working on such a thing? FFS is great, and suits my purposes
> perfectly, except when I have to recover from a crash. When I  
> started using
> NetBSD, I had perhaps 4GB of disk space to deal with, so it was a  
> non-issue
> then, but now, it's getting quite annoying.

FWIW, Wasabi's journaling file system is extensions to FFS and the  
VFS layer... most of the journaling support is implemented in file  
system independent code.  The inspiration for the approach was  
derived from BeOS / BeFS.  Read Dominic's file system book if you  
haven't already.

> Buying a filesystem from Wasabi is a joke unless it's provided in  
> the form
> of constantly-updated patches to -current. Linux has been providing  
> decent
> enough journaling filesystems for years now, why is NetBSD so far  
> behind in
> that arena?

Because no one has stepped up to the plate to do the work.  You could!

-- thorpej