Subject: Re: ipc errors/Linux Emulation NetBSD-3BETA using Oracle
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From: <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/20/2005 19:39:50
I have seen that the patch adding ipc_64 calls to HEAD done by Chuq and=20
me has been applied to head.

It hasn't been applied to netbsd-3 (I=20
think that it is too late now with a existing RC-1), and neither for=20

Do I have to do a send-pr, requesting that it is applied to=20

With this patch, Oracle works very well. Most of=20
the Oracle programs work. I have
written a page with the status of the=20
Oracle on NetBSD and instructions for install it:


Jose Luis Rodriguez

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Asunto: Re: ipc errors/Linux=20
Emulation NetBSD-3BETA using Oracle

> Can this patch be added to=20
cvs, and=20
> netbsd-3, before is it released?
> It is not harmfull,=20
because it doesn't=20
> change the existing system calls.
> I have=20
created this patch against=20
> netbsd-3, but I think that the afected
files are the same in HEAD.

christos is going to take this issue from=20
(I'm going to work on a few other things for 3.0 yet.)
I don't=20
think there should be any problem in getting
your patch integrated in=20
time, though.

thanks for your efforts on this.


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