Subject: Re: free space (was /dev) on tmpfs problem
To: None <>
From: Matthew Mondor <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/14/2005 02:24:43
> > > So there are two problems:
> > >  1. tmpfs is not reporting free space sanely for df
> > >  2. tmpfs is apparently not allowing itself to compete with file cache
> > >     for free-memory resources.
> > 
> > yes, and my suggestted patch (mandate -s) solves both of them.

(only about the df problem:)

I'm not sure if I propely understand, but wouldn't it be okay if tmpfs
simply reported the size currently in use, with 0B as available bytes
in most cases?

i.e. like for kernfs, same size reported for "Size" and "Used", and 0B
for "Avail" (unless possibly an option used to set the maximum allowed size)
such that "Capacity" would always be 100% (except again where an option is
used to specify the maximum allowed size)?

If the number of bytes/blocks in use can be accounted by the FS, wouldn't
it be simple to do it this way?


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