Subject: Re: yamt-vop branch
To: None <>
From: Juergen Hannken-Illjes <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/29/2005 16:15:49
On Sat, Oct 29, 2005 at 07:39:53PM +0900, YAMAMOTO Takashi wrote:
> as there is no known problem,
> i'll merge the branch shortly if no one objects.
> (maybe shortly == after a few days.)
> YAMAMOTO Takashi

Should we also try to remove VOP_BWRITE?

From a quick grep it is defined as:
  mfs_bwrite()	== vn_bwrite() == bwrite(ap->a_bp)
  spec_bwrite()	== vn_bwrite() == bwrite(ap->a_bp)

		* XXX - vop_bwrite must be hand coded because it has no
		* vnode in its arguments.
		* This goes away with a merged VM/buffer cache.

		This is the only one that really implements this VOP.

All other file systems define it as either genfs_eopnotsupp() or genfs_nullop().

Juergen Hannken-Illjes - - TU Braunschweig (Germany)