Subject: Re: FreeBSD 5/6/7 kernel emulator for NetBSD 2.x
To: Bill Studenmund <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/26/2005 10:55:39
On Oct 26, 2005, at 10:22 AM, Bill Studenmund wrote:

> In the past, we (NetBSD folks) have talked about a devfs. One issue  
> that
> has come up (I'll be honest, I've raised it a lot) is a desire to  
> retain
> permission changes across boots, and to tie devices (when possible)  
> to a
> device-specific attribute rather than a probe order.

The permission thing is solvable using scripts that can fix up the  
perms after mount.

The "nodes named after attributes" thing is interesting... and  
largely something I'm concerned about with wedges, although in that  
case, it's pretty easy to handle from within wedges itself.

> Does FreeBSD's devfs support locators and persistent information? Are
> there plans to support something like that, if not?

FreeBSD's devfs does not, to my knowledge, include the things that  
you have mentioned above.

FWIW, I think a devfs based on our new tmpfs would be better for NetBSD.

-- thorpej