Subject: Re: Unlocking an unlocked mutex
To: Vincent <>
From: Rui Paulo <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/12/2005 22:08:54
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On 2005.10.12 22:12:16 +0200, Vincent wrote:
| Hi,
| I am more or less trying to evaluate a new version of the vlc player=20
| (0.8.2). It works fine, except that it generates a lot of errors of this=
| type:
| wxvlc: Error detected by libpthread: Unlocking unlocked mutex.
| Detected by file "pthread_mutex.c", line 345, function=20
| "pthread_mutex_unlock". See pthread(3) for information.
| I was wondering if unlocking an (already) unlocked mutex *really*=20
| deserves an error, or if it could just be turned into a non-fatal=20
| warning or whatever. Obviously, this is not as critical as trying to=20
| unlock another thread's mutex.

Unlocking an unlocked mutex is, obviously, not correct :-) The point
of that message is to detect mutex problems.
You can ignore it by setting the environmental variable
PTHREAD_DIAGASSERT to 'A'. See pthread(3) for more info.

		-- Rui Paulo

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