Subject: Re: CVS commit: src/etc/etc.macppc
To: Izumi Tsutsui <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/07/2005 11:44:24
On Oct 8, 12:34am, (Izumi Tsutsui) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: CVS commit: src/etc/etc.macppc

| In article <>
| wrote:
| > | | Well, we can't use tty00 because having symlinks listed in /etc/ttys
| > | | breaks PAM (see port-macppc).
| > | | I'm not sure but, is ttyZC0 equal to ttyZ0 ? I thought not.
| > | | Also, I thought that the pty namespace included only lowercase chars,
| > | | like tty[a-z][0-f].
| > | 
| > | I don't get it. Why make tty00 a symlink and not the actual device?
| > 
| > Under macppc /dev/ttyZ* are handled by zstty (the "serial" ports).
| > I have no idea why the name was chosen instead of just /dev/tty0*.
| It was changed when MI MAKEDEV(8) was introduced.
| All ports which have zstty devices and "tty[0-9]" entries
| in MD MAKEDEV.conf will have ttyZ* and compat tty0* symlinks.
| BTW, should I change etc.hp300/ttys as well?
| (tty0? are symlinks to ttyM?)
| ---
| Izumi Tsutsui

The following is the list of offending drivers, the ports that use them,
and the tty letters they use:

ttyv="%pc_chr%"				# amd64, arc, bebox, i386, prep, shark
if [ -z "$ttyv" ]
	ttyv="%physcon_chr%"		# acorn32, arm
ttyA="%clcd_chr%"			# sparc, sparc64
if [ -z "$ttyA" ]
	ttyA="%zs_chr%"			# atari

# alpha cesfic mac68k macppc mipsco mvme68k news68k newsmips next68k pmax
# sgimips sparc sparc64 sun2 sun3 x68k
if [ -z "$ttyB" ]
	ttyB="%msc_chr%"		# amiga
	if [ -z "$ttyB" ]
		ttyB="%ser_chr%"	# atari
# acorn26 acorn32 algor alpha amd64 amiga arc arm atari bebox dreamcast
# evbmips evbppc hp300 hp700 hpcmips hpcsh i386 luna68k mac68k macppc
# news68k newsmips next68k playstation2 pmax pmppc prep sandpoint sgimips
# shark sparc sparc64 vax
# acorn26 acorn32 algor alpha amd64 amiga arc arm bebox cobalt dreamcast
# evbmips evbppc evbsh3 hp300 hp700 hpcmips hpcsh i386 ibmnws macppc mipsco
# mmeye mvmeppc pmppc prep sandpoint sgimips sh5 shark sparc sparc64
ttyh="%sabtty_chr%"		# sparc, sparc64
ttyM="%dcm_chr%"		# hp300
ttya="%dcm_chr%"		# hp300

If we switch to use ptyfs, this really does not matter. On the other hand
it would be nice to cleanup the namespace.