Subject: Re: Playing with dkwedge
To: None <>
From: Michael van Elst <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 08/21/2005 18:34:09 (Rui Paulo) writes:

>What should be the major number for /dev/rdk* ?

From the discussion on current-user last year I guess there
is none. You can still access the complete raw disk via its
own driver.

>When I try to enable the swap, I get:
>proton# swapon -a                                                          =
> [~]
>swapon: /dev/dk1: Device not configured

It is work in progress.

static int
dksize(dev_t dev)

        /* XXX */
        return (-1);

                    (nblocks = (*bdev->d_psize)(dev)) == -1) {
                        error = ENXIO;
                        goto bad;

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