Subject: Re: re0 failing after reboot.
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Jonathan Stone <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/20/2005 14:11:22
In message <>,
Allen Briggs writes:

>Have you tried using rgephy instead of ukphy ?

The early `re' devices were PCI only and used separate PHYs (often
Marvell).  I hear all current `re' devices use the integrated RealTek
phy. we should really add rgephy to all kernel configs that pull in re(4).

The re(4) manpage should be updated to mention both PCI and cardbus
attachments, and possibly cite rgephy, also. That we don't is
probably my bad.

>I just started playing with re(4) on PowerPC.  One oddity that I noticed
>is that it doesn't autonegotiate properly until NetBSD configures the
>card.  On first powerup, it shows 10Mbit.  On a warm reboot, it shows
>100Mbit.  All on a 1000Mbit switch.  When NetBSD configures the card,
>it shows 1000Mbit (the lights don't show the duplex setting).

That sounds pretty much what I observed when I was working on the
cardbus frontend, too, though I dont recall warm-boot status.