Subject: Re: re0 failing after reboot.
To: None <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/20/2005 08:53:09
On Fri, May 20, 2005 at 11:10:14AM +0200, theo borm wrote:
> Sometimes, on a software initiated reboot, my realtek 8169s's fail.
> relevant dmesg output:
> re0 at pci0 dev 10 function 0: RealTek 8169S Single-chip Gigabit Ethernet
> ukphy0 at re0 phy 7: Generic IEEE 802.3u media interface
> re0: diagnostic failed, failed to receive packet in loopback mode
> re0: attach aborted due to hardware diag failure

Have you tried using rgephy instead of ukphy ?

I just started playing with re(4) on PowerPC.  One oddity that I noticed
is that it doesn't autonegotiate properly until NetBSD configures the
card.  On first powerup, it shows 10Mbit.  On a warm reboot, it shows
100Mbit.  All on a 1000Mbit switch.  When NetBSD configures the card,
it shows 1000Mbit (the lights don't show the duplex setting).


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