Subject: re: 2.0: ukbd/ums sans wskbd/wsmouse
To: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
From: matthew green <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/27/2005 16:24:57
   Is it not possible to have USB keyboards and mice without also dragging
   in all of wscons, on 2.0?  I was building a kernel for a headless
   machine that has USB, and I left in the ukbd* and ums* lines but
   removed the wskbd* and wsmouse* lines that went with them, so that
   keyboards and mice would at least be recognized as such (though of
   course it would take somewhat special applications to do much with them
   without a graphics head).  But the kernel link shows wskbd* and
   wsmouse* functions undefined in ukbd.o and ums.o.  (Also, uaudio fails
   to link without "audio* at audiobus?", but that's perhaps less
   suprising - though no less annoying, since, like keyboards and mice,
   I'd like audio devices to be recognized, even if they're not useful.)
   Am I just doing something stupid, or will I have to give up having USB
   keyboards, mice, and audio devices recognized as such if I don't
   include the (respectively) wscons, wscons, and audio subsystems?

it's probably that no one else sees the point in attaching ums without
wsmouse as well, etc...  for eg ums.c, i guess you need to #include
"wsmouse.h" and then guard the references that set/use sc->sc_wsmousedev
with "#if NWSMOUSE > 0" or something.

i think in general all of the audio drivers expect the mid-layer audio
("audio* at audiobus?") to exist.  here i guess you need to guard the
call to audio_attach_mi() with '#if NAUDIO > 0" from "audio.h".

it's not clear to me these are 100% useful, but i don't see that it
necessarily is wrong.