Subject: Re: Annoucing the Port of FreeBSD NForce ethernet driver to NetBSD
To: None <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/25/2005 11:10:35
In article <>,
William S. Morgart <> wrote:

Can you please send-pr this so that it does not get lost?



>I have ported Quinton Dolan's FreeBSD i386 port of the NVidia NForce
>ethernet driver to NetBSD (>= 2.99.17). It is functional and has some
>open issues - multicast support foremost since I don't have a
>multicast environment to test in.
>The latest version of the driver can be found at:
>Requirements for the NetBSD driver are:
> - An NVIDIA nForce or nForce2 based motherboard with the onboard MAC enabled. 
> - The following NetBSD versions:
>     NetBSD 2.99.17 or newer.
> - The kernel sources installed and the NVIDIA nForce Linux driver
>   source distribution extracted when compiling the module from
>   source. The Linux driver source is available for download from
>   NVIDIA's website:
> In building and
>   testing the driver I used the
>   version of the Linux driver which is available at
>The driver has been tested on a NVidia nforce2 motherboard at 100mb
>full duplex and has performed numerous world builds of the NetBSD
>current source tree via NFS. The driver may work on amd64 platforms
>(at least it does on FreeBSD) but I have not tested this.
>The driver requires the addition of support for the Realtek 8139 PHY
>device. I've ported the FreeBSD version written by Bill Paul
><>. of this support to NetBSD. The kernel config
>changes can be found in the nvnet driver tar file or at
>I'm providing the Realtek support separately in the hope that it can
>be added to the main NetBSD source. The nvnet driver itself I don't
>think can be added to the NetBSD source tree since it includes both
>GPL code as well as a NVidia supplied object library but I'm hoping it
>can at least be included as a package!
>Any comments, suggestions for improvements, etc. would be appreciated.
>Bill Morgart