Subject: Annoucing the Port of FreeBSD NForce ethernet driver to NetBSD
To: None <,>
From: William S. Morgart <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/24/2005 23:04:42
I have ported Quinton Dolan's FreeBSD i386 port of the NVidia NForce
ethernet driver to NetBSD (>= 2.99.17). It is functional and has some
open issues - multicast support foremost since I don't have a
multicast environment to test in.

The latest version of the driver can be found at:

Requirements for the NetBSD driver are:

 - An NVIDIA nForce or nForce2 based motherboard with the onboard MAC enabled. 

 - The following NetBSD versions:
     NetBSD 2.99.17 or newer.

 - The kernel sources installed and the NVIDIA nForce Linux driver
   source distribution extracted when compiling the module from
   source. The Linux driver source is available for download from
   NVIDIA's website: In building and
   testing the driver I used the
   version of the Linux driver which is available at

The driver has been tested on a NVidia nforce2 motherboard at 100mb
full duplex and has performed numerous world builds of the NetBSD
current source tree via NFS. The driver may work on amd64 platforms
(at least it does on FreeBSD) but I have not tested this.

The driver requires the addition of support for the Realtek 8139 PHY
device. I've ported the FreeBSD version written by Bill Paul
<>. of this support to NetBSD. The kernel config
changes can be found in the nvnet driver tar file or at

I'm providing the Realtek support separately in the hope that it can
be added to the main NetBSD source. The nvnet driver itself I don't
think can be added to the NetBSD source tree since it includes both
GPL code as well as a NVidia supplied object library but I'm hoping it
can at least be included as a package!

Any comments, suggestions for improvements, etc. would be appreciated.


Bill Morgart