Subject: Re: Multiple AC'97 codecs
To: Quentin Garnier <>
From: Jared D. McNeill <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/08/2005 15:06:59
On Fri, 8 Apr 2005, Quentin Garnier wrote:
> That's not correct.  AC'97 itself (from the driver POV) doesn't deal
> with multiple codecs.  Our AC'97 code is currently fine.  auich(4) and
> friends are the one making dubious assumptions.

You're right. I just re-read the AC'97 and ICH4 specs and I was confusing 
the two.

I still want to pass the AC97_CODEC_{MODEM,AUDIO} hint to ac97_attach 
(for stupid devices like ICH4's sake).