Subject: Re: Kernel Compile (v1.6.2) - can't increase max file descriptors? (SOLVED)
To: None <>
From: Gene ENonymous <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/26/2005 18:53:02
> From Tue Jan 25 16:25:20 2005
> Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 16:24:42 GMT From: Gene ENonymous <>
> I've been doing some minor hacking on my i386 v1.6.2 (stable) kernel.
> My machine is a P166 w/80M ram.
[rest of message explaining what I tried when requesting help - deleted]

I found the solution to my problem after digging around the mailing lists a while
on this thread:

In the last paragraph, the referenced message by Greg A. Woods suggests that this option
(among others) might should be referenced in options(4). I have taken the liberty of
hacking the options.4 source to read as follows:

     options NOFILE=integer
     Sets the soft RLIMIT_NOFILE resource limit, which specifies the maximum
     number of open file descriptors for each process; this value is inherited
     by its child processes.  It defaults to OPEN_MAX, which is currently de-
     fined to be 64. See also "options MAXFILES=integer" if the hard limit
     needs to be increased.

     options MAXFILES=integer
     Overrides the preprocessor logic in param.c which sets the system-wide
     hard limit on open file table entries per the following algorithm:

           #ifndef MAXFILES
           #define MAXFILES        (3 * (NPROC + MAXUSERS) + 80)
If this seems sensible, how would I contact someone to commit my change?

I'd like to prevent the issue I had in trying to track down the max open files option.

I have put the modified source on: