Subject: ACPI suspend support.
To: None <>
From: Kentaro A. Kurahone <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/24/2005 11:26:31
Is there anyone currently working on the ACPI code?  The laptop[0] I've been
using recently doen't support APM at all, and having suspend would be nice.

That being said, I've poked at the code a bit, mainly by cribbing from the
FreeBSD 5 tree, and

It looks like S1 suspend will "Just Work" since the hardware takes care of
everything.  Laptop doen't implement that though so I can't test it. :/

S3 suspend needs the acpi-wakeup-1 patch, slightly modified wakeup code,
and lots and lots of new powerhooks.  With those changes it half works

The diff contains:
 * acpi-wakeup-1
 * VBIOS reset on resume
 * /dev/apmctl interface glue code. (So I can use apm -d -z to test)
 * if_rtk_pci powerhook.
 * if_iwi powerhook. (Card still doen't work after resume, but no longer
   causes a hard lockup.)

I'm probably going to poke at this till I get it working on my box, something
is missing/busted in the cbb powerhook, and the agp code needs a hook to save
the PCI config space.



Kentaro A. Kurahone
SIGUSR1 Research and Development

[0]: Fujitsu P7010