Subject: Re: ehci status?
To: None <>
From: Y. Takizawa <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/23/2005 10:24:52
On 2004-06-07 wrote:

> 	hello, i got a new Sony VAIO type U:
> 	dmesg (with cradle connected) is as below.  one problem when we use
> 	this product without cradle is, it seems that usb connector on the
> 	righthand side of the machine is controlled by ehci, i guess.
> 	without enabling this usb port, i cannot connect USB keyboard when
> 	i'm on the road (don't you think it'll be cooler than carrying
> 	laptops?).
> 	so question is: what is the status of ehci?  how can i help?

How is your ehci (aka USB 2.0) now?

I have also a VAIO type U and tried to boot 2.0 and current kernels.
It seems to be still not good for ehci like the following:

I also tried to use options PCIBIOS_*, some causes boot failure
and go to debugger quickly.

You may already know that you can use USB keyboard and mouse
without cradle (called "port replicator") to use a kernel
which have no USB driver because of BIOS legacy function.
(you can not use any USB device in that case of course...)

Y. Takizawa,