Subject: Re: Verizon 1xevdo (Wireless Broadband card)
To: Roland Dowdeswell <>
From: Lennart Augustsson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/18/2005 20:27:36
Don't get me wrong, I think it's a good driver to have.

But if this is the start for a driver for your device
I think the name should indicate that, even if it looks
generic now.

	-- Lennart

Roland Dowdeswell wrote:
> On 1106072186 seconds since the Beginning of the UNIX epoch
> Lennart Augustsson wrote:
>>But the trouble is that it won't work for many serial adapters
>>at all.  In fact this is the first one that it kinda works
>>with.  (And from what I've been told it doesn't really work
>>properly for your device either, it just works somewhat.)
> Well, certainly it does not tell me my signal strength or any of
> that.  But that is precisely because I am not writing a driver for
> this card, but rather for any card for which the first bulk in and
> first bulk out can be used as a serial device.  It's not IMO a bad
> place to start, or a bad thing to have.  From reading some of the
> other drivers, it looks like there is a chance that this driver
> would provide partial functionality to some uvscom(4) and ubsa(4)
> devices.
>>So I suggest a name that does not suggest that it's generic.
> Okay, well how about the uuksa(4) idea that was put forward by
> Jed Davis?  One could argue that this would have the same problem,
> of course.
> --
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