Subject: Re: [openrisc] OpenRISC port to NetBSD
To: Nir Mor <>
From: Matjaz Breskvar <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/22/2004 20:57:13
* Nir Mor ( wrote:
> Thanks for the quick replay
> I have just started to learn how to port NetBSD. 
> The port is going to be strict BSD licensed.
> Opencores code will be used as a text book for all the undocumented stuff.
> If some part of the code is useful for NetBSD I will ask to author to
> make it BSD licensed and then use it. For now I don't know yet what I
> need for the port.

Ok, this is fine with me. If somebody would want to reuse the code
please let me know and i'll do all the neccessery licensing stuff...

best regards,