Subject: NetBSD/OpenBSD usbdevs style differences
To: NetBSD Developers <>
From: Barry Bouwsma <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/21/2004 11:25:30
Moin, moin!

Here's a stupid question that has popped up as I merge together
all the *BSD USB usbdevs file data.

I've noticed while adding from NetBSD into FreeBSD that a good
number of product descriptions have been shortened somewhat in

Now, while comparing OpenBSD and NetBSD, I see that OpenBSD has
shortened even more product descriptions.

So my question, will NetBSD be (considering) changing the product
descriptions in the future to match those of OpenBSD?

Below I give a couple examples of some changes in OpenBSD:

--- usbdevs-netbsd-unpatched    Thu Dec  9 16:26:28 2004
+++ usbdevs-openbsd     Thu Dec  9 13:21:37 2004

-product ASANTE EA              0x1427  Ethernet Adapter
+product ASANTE EA              0x1427  Ethernet

-product TEAC FD05PUB           0x0000  FD-05PUB floppy
+product TEAC FD05PUB           0x0000  FD-05PUB

This will help me decide how much merging from OpenBSD I do at

barry bouwsma