Subject: problem with usb framework
To: None <>
From: Kamal R. Prasad <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/29/2004 09:04:53

I have a basic problem with the usb framework[reported earlier to 

ugen is the generic driver which gets invoked in the absence of any 
available driver. When ugen's ATTACH has identified itself as handler 
for the driver, all calls to open(), read(), write() etc.. for the 
device should go to ugenopen(), ugenread(), ugenclose() etc.. But I can 
see  in the kernel debugger, that the calls go to usbopen(), usbread(), 
usbclose() etc. and never to ugenopen(), ugenread() etc...

How can that be?


P.S:- Only code that comes with distribution is being used and so my own 
bugs don't come into the picture.