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Date: 11/25/2004 04:27:20

	I'll try to dig up what I ferreted out a couple of months
ago.  I remember having to collect the documents from several
vendor sites (I was pointed at a list of locations by a helpful
Pharos Engineer), all with partial information, but enough in total.

	You could always just call Prolific directly and/or
check their web site.  I think they have some ap-notes
which require a "password" to download - so I never bothered;
But specifically, I think, there are ap-notes for "migrating"
from the  PL2303 to the PL2303X, this is a good starting point.
(There are also both PL2303H and PL2303HX versions, too).

e.g. under

and also all the "FAQ"s hidden under (no "direct" URLs) - (pick USB1.1
and select the various PL2303?? documents)

	Though definitely, I have some "Prolific" documents
I downloaded from a customer site, which Pharos directed me
to.  They are "somewhere", printed out, and on some shelf or
in a a drawer, I think;) (No, its not Pharos' site and the
sites are written on a well-lost 3 by 5 card with the name
and telephone number of the engineer who "developed" the
MS-specific version of the GPS product - different USB IDs
than the "standard" product.)

	Paul Shupak

P.S.  I think the changes between the different chips are
mainly in how (or if) they deal deal with flow control.

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>On Wed, Nov 24, 2004 at 09:04:28PM -0800, List Mail User wrote:
>>  Maybe you could check what chip is
>> really in the "(ATEN/IOGEAR UC232A), rev 1.10/2.02".
>I'm right now using exactly that same thing and it works fine for me.
>I guess, from Davids message, that the host controller error is the problem,
>not the uplcom driver.
>Have you got any pointers to errata for the chip? When I looked for bugs
>in that driver I didn't find any usable information, and the ones I found
>disagreed with the old state of the driver and the Linux driver offered
>by the vendor.