Subject: Re: Ehci/Umass bug ?
To: Vincent <>
From: Lennart Augustsson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/24/2004 09:59:02
Split transactions only happen for non-high speed devices.
A lost interrupt shouldn't give thw wrongs CSW, just missing data.

It could be a data toggle problem again.  We've had those before.

	-- Lennart

Vincent wrote:
> Konishiwa :)
>> I had the same problem with ehci+umass on a 2.0_RC4 amd64 box, but not
>> with ohci on another 1.6something box.  I guess this is a ehci bug.
> I've tried to bypass the CSW test. In order to do that neatly, I have 
> defined a new quirk and added a "shunt"-test in 'umass.c'. Same result. 
> After a short while, one or two seconds, the device hangs, and no amount 
> of BBB resets or bulk_clears helps.
> I am wondering about split transactions or a lost interrupt cycle. Is 
> there anyway to acertain any of these hypothesis ?
> Sayonara,
> Vincent