Subject: PCI device recognition
To: None <>
From: Darren Reed <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/15/2004 17:24:30
How hard would it be to make it possible to add PCI vendor/device
IDs to the list a device recognises, at run time ?

I'm thinking along the lines of running this as root:

pcicfg tlp --vendor 0x8888 --device 0x1234

To tell the tlp driver to also accept a PCI device that belongs
to vendor 0x8888 and has 0x1234 as it's ID# as being a tlp NIC.

Of course, after doing this command, you would need to force a
rescan of the PCI device tree of all unclaimed devices and see
if a driver wants to claim it, maybe:

pcicfg --rescan

There are situations where this will not work, such as a new
chip/device that identifies itself differently requiring some
other modification (quirk, etc) or other behavioural change
but I see that as being a limiting factor, not a blocking

Oh, and of course there needs to be soemthing to update the loaded
pcidevs table with a new description of the device

pcicfg --add --vendor 0x8888 --device 01234 --description "TLP Clone"


p.s. long options are used for clarity, not as a statement of intent.