Subject: USB net/free-BSD cooperation.
To: None <,>
From: Julian Elischer <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/08/2004 13:01:45
As you all probably know, the 3 BSDs (well, 4 if you include Dfly as 
distinct from FreeBSD-4)
have been sharing USB code originaly developped for NetBSD. One of the 
difficulties is
that there hasn't been a good feedback path.  Ther was a BSD usb mailign 
lost but it
wasn't easy to remember and has since degenerated into pure spam.

In FreeBSD we have (Finally) decided to start a "usb@" list.
and we've had some people starting to co-ordinate their USB plans. Of 
course this affects the other
BSDs so we are still looking for a way in which we can effectively 
communicate stuff back and forth
with Net/Open BSD USB developers.

One simple option.. just all yoin the new list ( isn't too 
hard to remember)
Other suggestions are welcome..
(some people have even suggested a common code pool but hey we tried 
that once, in 96 I think..)

We have for example one chap who has rewritten quite a bit of the 
initialisation code.
It would be a shame for this to widen the gaps we have if its also 
useful for other systems.
There are also other fixes and changes that may be generally useful.

In any case.. I'm not ON this list (tech-kern).. I'm just hoping this is 
the place to find the USB
developers (If it isn't, please forward to them).. I've cc'd the new 
list as well, so if there is
any discussion. it can probably go there..