Subject: Re: retry: NetBSD umidi driver shuns M-Audio / Midiman Midisport 2x4
To: tech-kern <>
From: Chapman Flack <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/02/2004 13:01:51
Ben Collver wrote:

> I eventually want to use a USB MIDI device with NetBSD, so this thread
> is interesting.  Is it Linux's or NetBSD's midi state machine that
> deliberately tosses all system exclusive messages?

I was talking about NetBSD's but I was also talking about 1.6.2.  Looking
at the cvs head I see that's no longer the case, so if you want to run
-current or wait (not much longer) for 2.0 to be official, I don't think
that will be an issue.  (All things come to those who wait... :)