Subject: POSIX named semaphores - implemented but not documented?
To: None <>
From: Ian Zagorskih <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/01/2004 23:51:55
I'm trying to use POSIX named semaphores on -current. 
sem_open()/sem_close()/sem_unlink() calls. Looks like it works just fine. At 
least with my simple client/server tests and according to kern/uipc_sem.c 
code. On the other hand, man pages for -current says that:

The sem_open(), sem_close(), and sem_unlink() functions are not supported by 
this implementation.

sem_open() returns SEM_FAILED and sets errno to indicate an error. sem_close() 
and sem_unlink() return -1 and set errno to indicate an error.

Is there any serious reason no to publish information about POSIX named 
semaphores or man pages just a bit out of date ?

ps: My thanks to Jason R. Thorpe for his work :) It's really usefull API 

// wbr