Subject: Re: kern/start_init()/init_main.c doesn't care for /rescue ?
To: None <>
From: Ian Zagorskih <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 07/08/2004 21:04:38
On Thursday 08 July 2004 20:56, Ian Zagorskih wrote:

Sorry All, for "man boot" i missed that -a option also can specify path to 
init. My fault :) Question/"problem" is over.

> NetBSD IANZAG 2.0_BETA NetBSD 2.0_BETA (IANZAG) #1: Tue Jun 15 16:15:27
> NOVST 2004  ianzag@IANZAG:/usr/src/sys/arch/i386/compile/IANZAG i386
> Today i had a hard && weird day and finally got zero
> length /lib/ i.e. libc isn't anymore available on my system.
> How i could achieve this situation on both workstation and server machines
> is another story :)
> Anyway, input is: libc is completely broken. What do we have as a next step
> ? Right, panic when kernel is loading /sbin/init image course in NetBSD 2.0
> it's linked dynamically and dependant on libc -> exits due to
> unavailable library -> "init process terminated with exit code 1" -> panic
> -> ddb
> I have a healthy file systems, i have several copies of generic kernel
> images and full /rescue in root filesystem, i even have two default
> statically linked copies of init in /rescue. But i cannot execute
> /rescue/init ! According to start_init()'s code there's no way to manually
> specify exact path for init if vfs_mountroot() runs fine. Finally i had to
> boot from 2.0 installation CD and fix libc manually.
> Question/proposal is - maybe it worths to integrate init spawn procedure
> with /rescue ?
> // wbr