Subject: Re: LKM, evbppc, kernel symbols
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/14/2004 13:05:38
Thanks Matt!

After verifying that my kernel was using SYMTAB_SPACE, tweaking
PMON so that SYMTAB_SPACE actually got utilized, and incorporating your
trampoline fix into my local module makefile, I can now do a modload.

Ken Roberts

> On Jun 11, 2004, at 4:39 AM, Ken Roberts wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I'm attempting to use the EV64260 kernel to load an lkm, but have had
> > very little success. In fact, I can't even seem to get PMON to
> > correctly load the kernel symbol table. I've even attempted to lift the
> > ELF loader code from the NetBSD source, but that got me pretty much the
> > same result as the PMON loader. The kernel loads
> > and runs correctly, but the symbol table is completely hosed (running
> > 'nm /dev/ksyms' yields lots of garbage along with what appear to be
> > some valid symbols).
> Try using SYMTAB_SPACE.
> > Has anyone tried this, and been successful?
> Yep.  All the time.
> > Also, can anyone tell me why LKM support is specifically excluded from
> > the evbppc ports (i.e. in sys/Makefile)?
> Since evbppc support oea and ibm4xx cpus and each require their own
> LKMs (due to header file differences).
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