Subject: external (serial) keyboard for jornadas
To: None <>
From: Valeriy E. Ushakov <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/08/2004 19:11:08
I've got an HP External Keyboard for Jornada series of H/PCs (covered
by hpcsh and hpcarm ports).  It's a dumb serial device that talks at
9600 sending make/break codes.

I want to support it under NetBSD/hpc*.  The easiest route is a
program like moused(8) that would inject ws events into an existing
wsmux.  The drawback is that the autorepeat will have to be handled in
the daemon and controlled in some ad-hack way instead of using
wsconsctl(8).  Also, it might be useful (or just plain cute :) to not
hook the external keyboard into existing /dev/wskbd mux, but, instead,
use it as a keyboard for another "console" where HP VGA Out Card would
provide the wsdisplay part.

Do we have any prior art for supporting external keyboards?  Any
ideas/opinions on how the above scenario is best implemented?

My first idea is to have a config like this:

    scif0 at shb0		# serial port
    hpextkbd0 at scif0		# provides wskbd attachment
    wskbd* at hpextkbd0 mux 1	# persists even if keyboard is unplugged
				# so autorepeat settings &c is preserved
and a utility hpextkbdattach(8) to control the attachment/detachment
of the keyboard.


SY, Uwe
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