Subject: looking for PCI lkm HOWTO
To: None <>
From: Chuck Tuffli <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/08/2004 00:50:44
[This is definitely a newbie question ...]

I'm trying to create the skeleton of a LKM for a PCI device and can't
seem to get the *_match() function to be called. The driver defines

struct cfattach svdrv_ca = {
	sizeof(struct svdrv_softc), svdrv_pci_match, svdrv_pci_attach

for PCI and

static struct cdevsw svdrv_dev = {

MOD_DEV("svdrv", "svdrv", NULL, -1, &svdrv_dev, -1);

for the char driver interface. Loading the driver with

modload -e svdrv_lkmentry svdrv.o

prints the message associated with the *_handle() function, but
svdrv_pci_match() doesn't ever print it's message. Is there an
additional step or definition that the driver needs to be recognized
by the PCI bus driver? Thanks for any help or pointers.

Chuck Tuffli    <chuck_tuffli <at> agilent <dot> com>
Agilent Technologies, Storage Area Networking