Subject: kernel: alignment fault trap on sparc
To: None <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/05/2004 15:08:06
I initially posted this to port-sparc, but I wonder if it may be a MI problem
that could affect other ports with alignement contraint.

I get this under moderate load on a sparc IPX 2.0_BETA (moderate = one or 2
kernel compiles, + some perl processes from mrtg or spamassassin) which was
solid when it was running 1.6.x.

login: trap type 0x7: pc=0xf01c4090 npc=0xf01c4094 psr=ffffffff908010c3<EF,S,PS>
kernel: alignment fault trap
Stopped in pid 24633.1 (perl) at        netbsd:uvmfault_anonget+0x4:    sethi           %
hi(0xf02e3000), %l6
db> tr
uvmfault_anonget(0xf335ee50, 0xf33a0d78, 0xf2fe1790, 0x5, 0x9, 0xf347c330) at ne
uvm_fault(0xf335ede4, 0x5, 0x7, 0xf335ee70, 0x1, 0xf335ee10) at netbsd:mem_acces
mem_access_fault(0x9, 0x80, 0x10259364, 0x101cfeb0, 0x2400042, 0xf335efb0) at 0x

Any idea ?

Here is what GDB says about the tr:
(gdb) l *(uvm_fault+0x464)
0xf01c48dc is in uvm_fault (/local/pop1/bouyer/netbsd-2-0/src/sys/uvm/uvm_fault.c:1052).
1047             * also, if it is OK, then the anon's page is on the queues.
1048             * if the page is on loan from a uvm_object, then anonget will
1049             * lock that object for us if it does not fail1050             */
1052            error = uvmfault_anonget(&ufi, amap, anon);
1053            switch (error) {
1054            case 0:
1055                    break;
(gdb) l *(mem_access_fault+0x178)
0xf0201f6c is in mem_access_fault (/local/pop1/bouyer/netbsd-2-0/src/sys/arch/sp
1005            }
1006            if (rv > 0)
1007                    goto out;
1009            /* alas! must call the horrible vm code */
1010            rv = uvm_fault(&vm->vm_map, (vaddr_t)va, 0, atype);
1012            /*
1013             * If this was a stack access we keep track of the maximum
1014             * accessed stack size.  Also, if vm_fault gets a protection

Manuel Bouyer <>
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