Subject: emuxki on macppc
To: None <,>
From: matthew green <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/23/2004 18:33:44
hi folks.

anyone ever installed an emuxki on macppc?  i'm having trouble getting
good ound out of the one i just installed in my G4 tower.  it probed
initially as:

emuxki0 at pci1 dev 18 function 0: Creative Labs SBLive! EMU 10000 (audio multimedia, revision 0x0a)
emuxki0: interrupting at irq 52
emuxki0: ac97: SigmaTel unknown (0x83847658) codec; headphone, 20 bit DAC, 20 bit ADC, SigmaTel 3D
emuxki0: ac97: ext id bc7<AC97_23,AMAP,LDAC,SDAC,CDAC,SPDIF,DRA,VRA>
audio0 at emuxki0: full duplex, mmap, independent

adding this (from current sigmatel docs):

+       { 0x83847658, 0xffffffff,       "SigmaTel STAC9758/59", },

to the table in ac97.c gives me:

emuxki0: ac97: SigmaTel STAC9758/59 codec; headphone, 20 bit DAC, 20 bit ADC, SigmaTel 3D

as one would expect.

the problem arises when playing audio, i get a loud static noise with
an alternating "alarm"-type noise (alternating at about 2.5-3hz.)

anyone know what might be up here?  audioctl seems to give me expected
values...  and it seems the card works fine in a peecee.