Subject: Linux emulation problems (1.6.2)
To: None <>
From: Mike M. Volokhov <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/14/2004 12:49:33

I have an Overnet for Linux installed from pkgsrc (net/overnet +
emulators/suse_*). It works quite good, but on my NetBSD 1.6.2 stable it
can't download files - overnet hangs and no more responds on any
command, the CPU utilization by it is about 100%. The "pkill overnet"
terminates all overnet processes.

$ pgrep -fl overnet
2683 overnet	# this is a hanged process
2682 overnet
2681 overnet

The ktruss(8) on 1.6.2 shows a lot following lines:
2683 overnet  "/usr/home/mishka/overnet-0.50.1/temp/pci_netbsd.c.171501/" JUSTRETURN
.... few minutes ...
2683 overnet  "/usr/home/mishka/overnet-0.50.1/temp/pci_netbsd.c.2873846/" JUSTRETURN

Please note the increased number (and it still increasing) at the end of
filename to download. The temp/ directory is empty.

Very interesting that on NetBSD 2.0C it works without any problems.

Does anybody have the same problem? What it might be? 

TIA, Mishka.