Subject: Re: Xen: uname -mp: i386/i386 -> i386/xen?
To: Izumi Tsutsui <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/07/2004 14:14:20
On Fri, May 07, 2004 at 09:02:21PM +0900, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
> In general, 'uname -p' should be used for binary compatibility
> and 'uname -m' should be used for MACHINE specific stuff
> like sys/arch/${MACHINE} etc.
> But i386 has some diferrence from m68k ports: 
> - arch/i386 directory contains both MACHINE_ARCH specific and
>   MACHINE specific files.
>   (this makes it difficult to integrate other i386-based ports)

Well, there is arch/x86 now. Things are getting better :)

> - Many 3rd party apprications for i386 assume MACHINE == MACHINE_ARCH
>   because uname(3) returns MACHINE, not MACHINE_ARCH.
>   (i.e. there are few binary apps for m68k)

you're talking about binary-only apps here, right ?
At the source level we already have to deal with MACHINE != MACHINE_ARCH

Manuel Bouyer <>
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