Subject: Re: PR 3508 fix
To: Brad du Plessis <>
From: Tad Hunt <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/27/2004 10:35:51
His patch doesn't cause me any problems, but I have been bitten by
the cached route bug myself.  I made a slightly different change:
I don't cache the route at all.  My hypothesis is that on a busy
router, it is not very likely that the very next packet received
will be going to the same destination.  On a non-busy router you're
not gonna notice the time it takes to do the route lookup.

I would really like a fix to be applied to the NetBSD tree at some
point though.


In message <>, you said:
;I was just wanting to find out why der Mouse's patch (proposed in 1997) to
;flush the cached route in the kernel (to fix PR 3508) hasn't been applied to
;-current. I've tested this patch and it seems to work ok. Does it cause
;problems elsewhere?