Subject: Re: Crash in VOP_STRATEGY on sparc64
To: Jesper Louis Andersen <>
From: Darrin B. Jewell <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/23/2004 14:33:18
"Jesper Louis Andersen" <> writes:
> What is the usual way of getting a backtrace into a file in the file-
> system?

A lot of us copy it down by hand, at least the function names.

You might use the recently added /l option to trace in ddb,
which puts the backtrace in the message buffer.  Then after a warm
reboot on systems with a persistent message buffer (i think this
is true for sparc64), you can use dmesg to get a copy of the trace
out of memory.


> One method would be a serial interface. I do not have such one handy,
> but I can probably build one quite easily. Another could be to play
> with savecore I expect, but I have no knowledge of that (yet, hehe).
> Thus my question: How are people out there doing this stuff? I am
> willing to write appropriate sections in the kernel FAQ.
> -- 
> j.