Subject: acx(4) [ was Re: NetBSD DWL-520+ Support (fwd) ]
To: None <>
From: Sam Thigpen <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/11/2004 04:48:02
Okay, so I figured I'll post it anyway...
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Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 04:42:58 +0000 (UTC)
From: Sam Thigpen <sthigpen@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG>
To: David Young <>
Subject: Re: NetBSD DWL-520+ Support

I am parsing out all the new files on this, but I'll wait to announce
anything on the mailing list until I can test on real hardware.  Right now
I am just copying over the FreeBSD stuff to the NetBSD file infrastructure.

I will be documenting on:

so far I have:

Trimmed down conversion FreeBSD acx driver to NetBSD


other FreeBSD include sources still need editing
if_acxdebug_proto.h         if_acxifnet_proto.h         if_acxreg_proto.h
if_acxsys.h                 if_acx_proto.h              if_acxdev_proto.h
if_acxpacket_proto.h        if_acxtemplate.h            if_acxcmd.h
if_acxeeprom.h              if_acxpci.h
if_acxcmd_proto.h           if_acxeeprom_proto.h        if_acxpci_proto.h
if_acxwep.h                 if_acxdebug.h               if_acxifnet.h
if_acxreg.h                 if_acxwep_proto.h

-- contains if_acx.c

-- contains if_acxpci.c

-- contains if_acxdev.c

other FreeBSD sources still need editing
if_acxeeprom.c     if_acxreg.c
if_acxpacket.c     if_acxwep.c

leaving out

NetBSD 802.11 Include Files

The firmware include were generated from the windows .BIN files available
on the
D-LINK ftp site.

The bin2h binary generates...

bin2h radio0d_code RADIO0D.BIN > radio0d.h
bin2h radio11_code RADIO11.BIN > radio11.h
bin2h radio15_code RADIO15.BIN > radio15.h
bin2h wlangen_code WLANGEN.BIN > wlangen.h