Subject: Re: NetBSD DWL-520+ Support
To: David Young <>
From: Sam Thigpen <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/10/2004 03:46:55
On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, David Young wrote:

> On Sat, Jan 10, 2004 at 02:10:36AM +0000, Sam Thigpen wrote:
> > Anyone looking at this?  There is FreeBSD support at
> >
> At the author's request, I looked at this. The code looks very clean,
> and I encourage you to port it.

That is encouraging -- I'll contribute what I can.  I'm not going back to
my lab to test on my PCI based DWL-520+ card for another couple of weeks,
so I am left to parsing out what I can on a laptop.

> > This uses the TI "acx100" chipset.  I was considering the best way to
> > do this, adding another wi or an infrastructure in /usr/src/dev/ic or
> > including this in the main driver code.
> I don't fully understand what you're asking here. Maybe this will
> answer your question.  The device deserves its own driver, acx(4),
> with machine-independent files acxreg.h, acxvar.h, and acx.c in
> src/sys/dev/ic/ and PCI/Cardbus attachment files in dev/pci/if_acx_pci.c
> and dev/cardbus/if_acx_cardbus.c. The firmware will belong in
> src/contrib/sys/dev/ic/, if it is not under BSD-compatible license.

Yes, I was refering to a seperate firmware driver, I guess it would need a
seperate acx man page like wc.0/wc.1 and an.0/an.4 as well.

> The FreeBSD driver does not look like it makes enough use out of
> ieee80211 #defines and structs. In if_acxtemplate.c, for example, I see
> some opportunities to use `struct ieee80211_frame' and some IEEE80211_
> constants. The code for assembling beacons should move up to the IEEE
> 802.11 layer, since it can be re-used by other drivers.

I was looking at the differences here.  I'll attempt to document what I
come up with.  I found the treiber-schreiden document useful.

SA Thigpen * KL1FE *