Subject: problems in playing sound
To: None <>
From: Mahadeva Swamy T L <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/08/2004 19:52:24

I am working on Audio Driver and my conf file looks like this:

# On-chip AC'97 audio controller
device txaudio: audiobus, auconv, mulaw, ac97, aurateconv
attach txaudio at txbus
file arch/mips/txaudio.c  txaudio

After compiling the kernel (Audio Driver enabled), if I type following

# audioplay test.wav

The device (/dev/sound0) will open but stays in a loop, and I am not
able to here any sound. I found the driver arch/mips/txaudio.c not able
to get any DATA form the /sys/dev/audio.c file. Please tell me where I
am going wrong?

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