Subject: determining greyscale vs. color with wsdisplay framework
To: None <>
From: David P. Reese Jr. <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/05/2004 19:22:09
I'm curious if you can determine if a frame buffer is running in greyscale
versus color by giving an ioctl on /dev/ttyE0.  My scenario involves a
mac68k with internal video.  Using the WSDISPLAYIO_GINFO ioctl I can
determine the bit depth of the frame buffer, but I don't know if it's
running in greyscale.

Should this be determined using the WSDISPLAYIO_GTYPE ioctl and having it
return a different display type for greyscale versus color?

If this is the case, I'd have to add entries for both mac68k grey and
color modes to the WSDISPLAY_TYPE_* list.

Yay or neigh?

   David P. Reese, Jr.                                  daver at