Subject: Zillion Digital Square driver
To: None <>
From: iMil <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/31/2003 09:42:10
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Hi list,

I'm writing a NetBSD userland driver for the Zillion Digital Square
MP3 player. Things are going pretty well though neither Digital Square nor
Samsung (which does the chip) gave me any infos on the thing's API.
Now I'm facing a strange problem with the ugen driver.

When I first plug in the player, I do the following so I can have some
infos on teh firmware :

- -> usb control msg
- -> usb bulk write with firmware info request
- -> control
- -> control
- -> bulk read
- -> control

this works, got teh good reply from the player.
Now, without unplugging the player, if I re-lauch the code, it hangs on
the read() call (in the bulk_read function).
If I un/replug it and re-lauch the code, it works again.

This piece of code is mine, but I tried libusb form the pkgsrc before
that, and it behaves strictly the same way. I read some similar problems
about the libusb but it was supposed to be fixed
(, libusb code
do contain these modifications for all BSD flavors. Anyway, I tried this
fix by hand on my piece of code, and does nothing more.

Any idea on this read() locking problem ?

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