Subject: Re: ieee1394 kernel panic
To: None <>
From: Rasputin <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/30/2003 14:38:24
Michael van Elst wrote:
> ("Perry E. Metzger") writes:
>>Our firewire support is pretty crappy. I've had similar problems of
>>all sorts with a couple of laptops. Sigh. :(
>>Really, I think we should dump our current firewire stuff and instead
>>slurp in the FreeBSD stuff, which seems to work much better.
> I'm not sure wether the FreeBSD stuff is actually 'better', it is
> more stable though.

As Just Another NetBSD User, I confess I'm still surprised that our USB 
2 and FireWire support isnt stable.USB 1.X support was and is second to
none in NetBSD (versus FreeBSD for example).
  I was talking to a FreeBSD committer the other week and it was the
  one reason he could give me to switch back
( we both use a lot of the EPIA boards and usb and fw are built
in as standard along with the serial ports etc - its a pity not
  to use them ).

Is it a licensing thing, complexity of the interface, or what?
Not a moan, I'm curious as much as anything...

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