Subject: Re: Western Digital 250G hard drive
To: Ian McIntosh <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/04/2003 06:03:52
"Ian McIntosh" <>  wrote:
 > I am quite sure that the airflow issue is a non-issue. When the drive is
 > connected on
 > both systems it is out in the open and I don't intend wrapping a parka
 > around to see what that does :-)......though to see how hot it gets
 > before failure would be quite fun but expensive.

not to drag this on longer than necessary, but a proper computer case
is designed to maximize airflow over all the critical components. When
you remove a face plate, or take a cover off, or leave a disk lying
out in the open, you disrupt or remove that airflow and are then
relying on convection...

Of course, none of my computers have their covers on modulo my laptops.

 > As an extra thought, I was wondering if the windows system puts the
 > drive into a sleep mode when not in use whereas the BSD system
 > doesn't? That would explain the difference and also make sense as the
 > drive is left as a slave and nothing written to it.

Sorry, I don't have anything bright to say on this.

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