Subject: Re: Western Digital 250G hard drive
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From: Ian McIntosh <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/04/2003 08:41:28
Thanks again for all the feedback.

I am quite sure that the airflow issue is a non-issue. When the drive is
connected on
both systems it is out in the open and I don't intend wrapping a parka
around to see what that does :-)......though to see how hot it gets
before failure would be quite fun but expensive.

As an extra thought, I was wondering if the windows system puts the
drive into a sleep mode when not in use whereas the BSD system
doesn't? That would explain the difference and also make sense as the
drive is left as a slave and nothing written to it.

Is this a possibility?

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Subject: Re: Western Digital 250G hard drive

> I have 4 of them, and they are fairly stable. Your 112 is listed as 38,
which is
> the hottest of my drives.
> As a side note, I read somewhere that some drives have a volume setting.
> reduced and quiet. Which I would guess comes at a price, wonder if heat
> also be involved here.
> Lund
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