Subject: Re: postfix broken by AF_LOCAL semantics change
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: Perry E.Metzger <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/29/2003 09:21:52
Matt Thomas <> writes:
>> Could you please elaborate on the need?
> If connect succeed with any backpressure (as is the default
> behavior), then it quite easy for a swarm of requests to overwhelm
> an accepting server since his backlog can be exceeded before he even
> gets scheduled to run.  If you make the connect sleep until
> accepted, you can limit the overruns.  Part of the problem is that
> when the backlog is exceeded the error is ECONNREFUSED.  This makes
> it impossible for a client to determine whether it was because there
> was no socket bound to the right name or that socket accept queue
> became full.

I will point out your proposed API change is in fact a better API. It
is just incompatible.

BTW, could we get the new sockopt documented? We might also want to
bring it up on bsd-api-discuss...

Perry E. Metzger