Subject: Re: dynamic sysctl
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/15/2003 16:07:57
[ On Saturday, November 15, 2003 at 13:13:43 (-0500), Andrew Brown wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: dynamic sysctl
> >> yes, well, that doesn't seem all that hard to fix, and it even strikes
> >> me that perhaps you're not using current where i think it may already
> >> have been.  i can't tell right now, though...need coffee.  :)
> >> 
> >> try current?  even if just to see how it works?
> >
> >hw.cnmagic is printed using printable characters in current.
> >(hw.cnmagic = \x27\x02)
> yes, but i'm not entirely certain the way it all works in current does
> all that mr woods is asking for.

What is in -current's /sbin/sysctl does almost none of what I suggested,
or at least does what it does do is at best half of what I suggested and
the half that's there is rather non-intuitive, and worst of all it does
it only for CNMAGIC.  I.e. I think the hack for CNMAGIC that's in
-current's sysctl is a total botch, which is why what I did suggest is
still on my own ToDo list to fix.  :-)

Actually what I really think is that strvis(3) and strunvis(3) are such
useful little tools that they should be made available directly through
printf(3) and scanf(3), perhaps with '%S' or similar, so that it would
be easier to fix more programs with this very same problem.  However
that's an even more generic userland issue for another thread!   ;-)

						Greg A. Woods

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